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Channeling My Inner Linus

This cold weather has me wanting to wrap up in a cozy blanket and binge watch Hallmark movies... at least a good murder mystery marathon.

While I find either TV option entertaining, one thing that’s a constant is my cozy blanket. My personal blanket collection is impressive and shameful. It teeters at 17 and that is after just a brief perusing of the house. How can someone have so many blankets you may ask? I say... how can someone not?

We’ve had a long obsession with blankets. They are a sign of comfort from day one. We are wrapped in them shortly after being born, probably the first thing we “wear”. We toted them around in our toddler years, not able to nap without them. We would take them on trips with us in the car and use them to make castles and forts under the dining room table. We take them with us to college to keep a little bit of home in our new surroundings. We even use them to put out fires.

Yes... it’s true. I was alone in the store shortly after my 40th birthday. My friend Michelle thought it would be great to celebrate my 40th with a nice cake on paper plates that have gold metallic specs on them in the form of confetti.

Well, those of you that know of my kitchen knowledge, more appropriately the lack thereof, will not be surprised with what happens next. So I decided to heat up my lunch in the microwave using one of those paper plates.

About 10 seconds in I smelled burning. Again, this is a normal smell when I am in the kitchen. I let it go another 10 seconds or so and decided to check on it. I opened the microwave door and the plate and food were on fire. I yanked the plate out of the microwave and onto the floor as it was still flaming. I grabbed the nearest thing…a blanket...and covered it and stamped it out. You would think I would then proudly wear that blanket as a cape for the rest of the day being so happy I stopped the fire. Instead, I ran next door to get an “adult” to help me with the situation.

At Coral Cottage we have many blankets to choose from. We have coastal themed blankets ($23.95), holiday themed blankets ($23.95) and my recent favorites... Topsail blankets.

You can choose from a colorful Topsail Map blanket drawn by a local artist. This blanket measures 50” x 60” and is 100% polyester, $67.95. We also have another blanket that is our latest one:

The Topsail Tapestry is a throwback to one that was carried at Docksiders. It’s navy and cream colored and features the outline of Topsail Island referencing several things we love about Topsail. This blanket measures Stop by and take a look at our selection of blankets or shop with us at

72” x 54” and is 100% cotton, $61.95.


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