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Celebrating 30 Years Of Judy Bradshaw And The Hampstead DMV

After almost 30 years, Judy Bradshaw has turned off the “Open” sign for the last time at the Hampstead DMV location. Accompanied by her son, Jeff (for the last decade), Ms. Bradshaw turned the small DMV service window that was located inside her convenience store when she first opened, into a full-fledged DMW office for license plates and registration.

On any given day a small line could be seen waiting patiently to turn in plates, renew registrations or to get a new title. The kindness exhibited in the office by all the personnel did not go unnoticed.

“Thank you, Judy!!!” For your smile, knowledge, dedication, caring and friendships that you have allowed to be formed. However, the most important of all, thank you for always being the perfect example of a true Southern Lady who is always dressed as a lady, smiles, speaks, encourages and sets an example for those who met you to follow!!! Again, Thank You and you will be greatly missed.” Tillie Powell

“The best! So kind and sweet! Made going to DMV a pleasant trip! Thank you for all your years of dedicated to helping us.” Rajasi Roberson

“Thank you!!! You will be greatly missed!” Cheryl Mccormick

“Sad to see them go! It was so nice having them local.” Brenda Kelly Gibson

Currently the Department of Motor Vehicles is taking applications to open another Hampstead location. At this time there has not been anything confirmed. A new facility may be at a different location.


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