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A Holly Plaza

The Holly Ridge Town Council has been busy dealing with a surplus of emergency meetings to find temporary housing for 98 residents of the subsidized Holly Plaza community, while tests for mold are done. Briana Paull, a resident and mother, complained about living conditions that included mushrooms growing inside her home.

At an emergency town meeting on October 6th, residents of the Holly Plaza broke out in tears out of frustration for the failings of the current management company to correct issues. Residents stated that they were told not to complain by the current management company, or they would lose their housing. Conditions got so bad they decided it was worth the risk to reach out directly to the Town as a group.

The Town of Holly Ridge owns the property but is forbidden from operating it. The HUD approved management company currently in place has given their 60-day notice to end their management contract.

During a series of emergency meetings, the Town of Holly Ridge council voted to approve $200,000.00 to be used toward emergency housing of 43 families while mold testing is done. The funding will provide up to 30 days of housing at the Homes2Suite hotel in Jacksonville. Many residents accepted the offer or sought alternative housing to vacate the premises so that testing can begin.

An estimated 7,000 tests will be conducted and upon receipt of results will determine if any tenants can return.

Holly Ridge Grant Writer, Ms. Frankenfield, spoke with many of the families that resided in Holly Plaza and said she was very concerned for the health of all the residents. Ms. Frankenfield had presented the council with options for rehousing during a closed session. Homes2Suite in Jacksonville offered residents a kitchenette and would allow pets and was able to accommodate a large group of families. Transportation to schools for the children would be provided by Onslow County to make sure there was no disruption in education.


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