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A Crew Of Pirates Invaded Soundside Park In The Early Afternoon Of April 29th

These pirates arrived with the Topsail Star Pirate Ship and brought with them bags of Treasure Trail Mix, maps, coloring sheets, jewelry and eye-patches for the young pirates-in-training.

300 participants helped the crew to find treasure that was scattered about the Park. The young pirates-in-training who rose to the challenge discovered all the loot within 15 minutes!

You may have encountered this crew before at the Mardi Gras Parade in Oak Island or at The Cotton Exchange in Wilmington earlier this March.

The crew consists of Captain Salty Beard (owner of the Topsail Star), Pearl Bones, Mad Bones Marie, Mr. Smee, Rusty Buckles, Blackbeard, Navigator (also known as Master Gunner), Short Finger, Lady Angelique, and Nonner, who are all a part of the Wilmington Harbor Enhancement Trust (WHET) nonprofit organization.

WHET is most well known for the Tall Ship Replicas that frequent the downtown Wilmington Docks and the Feast of the Pirate festival, which will be held for it's 96th anniversary September 16th at the Brunswick Riverwalk Park in Belville, NC.

Visit the team's website here: or their Facebook page here: To learn more about their mission and where they will be setting sail to next!

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