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What Comes Around, Goes Around

I am embarrassed to say that I have just in the last month hopped aboard the Yellowstone train. And it didn’t take long before I really became invested in the characters and story line. It can be tough to watch for sure with what all goes on but it definitely keeps my interest.

As I am watching it, I am reminded of another TV show. On Friday nights in the 80’s I would get to watch Dukes of Hazard. Once that was over I had to go to bed so my folks could watch Dallas. Now, there was an allure to Dallas. I would quietly tiptoe down the stairs halfway and watch through the spindles of the staircase so my mom and dad would not notice me. From the theme music to sweet Miss Ellie, I was hooked.

There are many similarities between Dallas and Yellowstone. It’s based on one family that all lives under the same roof. Now…I love my family. A lot. But…this living under one roof thing as adults and having our own families...I understand why there is a bar in every room of the house. John Dutton is Jock Ewing, Governor Perry has some Miss Ellie qualities and settles John Dutton at times. Beth Dutton plays two roles from Dallas…the lively little Lucy and JR himself, who could also be identified in Jamie Dutton, the power hungry son who can and cannot be trusted. Casey Dutton is clearly Bobby Ewing with his kind demeanor and wife Monica can easily pass for Pam Ewing. Monica is coming into the Dutton home reluctantly, not so sure of the family dynamic/business. Wanting nothing but good in the world and she is true to herself. And even Monica’s brother was a nemesis of the Dutton’s…similar to Cliff Barnes, Pam’s brother and nemesis of the Ewings. And then there is Rip. He is the Ray Krebbs of the show, the cowhand that turns family.

After thinking about it there are many shows that have similarities to past series. But one thing is certain…between the 40+ years of Dallas and Yellowstone, ranch-wear has stayed pretty much the same. Beth and Sue Ellen have even worn a poncho with the same pattern.

Take a look at some fashion trends from the past. They all come full circle at some point. Shoot, my granddaddy Bob was still wearing his old foam trucker hat when they came back around in style 30 years later. He was so proud of himself when I told him how fashionable he was with his “vintage” hat.

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