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VFW North Carolina 5th District Teacher Of The Year

The VFW North Carolina 5th District is proud to announce that Allison Schwerin has been named its Teacher of the Year for 2023 - 2024. Allison is a Career and Technical Education teacher at Dixon Middle School. A teacher since 2005, she is certified to teach Business and Information Technology, Special Education, Social Studies and English Language Arts. As a Career and Technical Education teacher, she engages her students in becoming college and career ready. Allison also ensures that her students become productive citizens. She incorporates civic literacy where applicable and invites speakers from the local community to her class. A proud military spouse and wife of a retired law enforcement officer, she understands the importance of students making connections with their  friends, school and the community around them. Allison, also works alongside her schools military liaison and supports her efforts to help the schools military students and their families.

Her Teacher of the Year Package will be forwarded to VFW North Carolina for further judging. If Allison wins at the national level, she will be awarded $1,000 for professional development expenses and Dixon Middle School will be awarded $1,000. 


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