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Topsail Gun Gal Feb 2024

20,000 used electric cars will be hitting the market as Hertz rental car company has

decided to replace those vehicles with gas powered vehicles for their rental fleet. One of

the reasons given was the enormous expense of repairs when electric vehicles are

damaged in an accident.

Across the country, 12 Attorney Generals have asked the FDA to reduce Marijuana from

a Schedule 1 narcotic (which includes heroin and LSD) to a Schedule III narcotic,

basically reducing the penalty and restrictions that currently make the organic product a

felony in some states. Currently Marijuana is legal as a recreational drug in 24 states

and for medical use in 38 states. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians voted in 2023

to legalize marijuana sale and possession for adults 21 and older on the tribal lands.

The Eastern Band had already authorized its use for medical purposes. This action is

the first time a southern state has legalized marijuana use for adults.

In states where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use, the criminal market

has been undercut and the sales tax has generated millions in tax dollars.

The Governor of Texas has made a bold statement. Governor Abbott signed a bill that

would make illegal immigration a state crime. Police would now be allowed to arrest

people that entered the country illegally.

“Operation Lone Star” which is a multi-agency alliance between the Governor, the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas National Guard was created to stop illegal

immigration and the smuggling of drugs and weapons into the United States. Since the

start of the project, there have been almost 500,000 illegal immigrant apprehensions

and 40,000 criminal arrests. Over 450 million doses of fentanyl have been seized.

As if living in North Carolina was expensive enough, the N.C. Rate Bureau has

submitted a request with the NC Department of Insurance to raise homeowner’s

insurance rates up to 99%. That doesn’t sound legal to me. The Rate Bureau says the

average increase would be around 42% across the state, but the coastal region would

be much higher in the 79%-99% category. I don’t know about you, but there are very

few expenses in my life that I can adjust for an increase of 99% without it financially

hurting. Apparently, the N.C. Rate Bureau is not made up of homeowners with limited

resources for income. What the state must take into consideration is how many people

will be forced to drop their insurance all together.

Remember knowledge is power and living is expensive and securing our borders is

essential to all of us.


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