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Topsail Gun Gal 2024

Our southern borders are being invaded and not by the invaders you think. The South American Tego lizard can reach 4 feet in length and 10 pounds in weight. Known for eating other reptiles and eggs from ground nests (like from quail and turkeys), this invading lizard has already been spotted over 100 times in South Carolina. With weather staying warmer in North Carolina, it is possible these "once pet" critters may wander across the state line. If you do spot one, take a photo and send it to the SCDNR (if in South Carolina) or the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources (if spotted in NC).

Voters in Colorado may still have a chance to vote for Donald Trump in the Republican Primary on March 5th. In a 3-2 vote, the Colorado Supreme Court cited that Donald Trump violated the 3rd section of the 14th Amendment, which would authorize them to keep him from being on the ballot in the primary. The 3rd section was originally created to prevent politicians who were in states that succeeded from the union prior to the Civil War from holding office after the war. Should Donald Trump's attorneys file an appeal before January 4th, his name will remain on the ballot until a decision is reached by the U.S. Supreme Court. So far other states have attempted the same thing but have failed.

North Carolina Board of Elections has approved a new political party to be on the Presidential ballot in 2024.  The No Labels Party won't have their candidate on the primary ballot in March as they have opted to select a candidate by convention instead (which is allowed). Who is the No Labels Party? Check them out at If you like common sense, this might be a new party to learn more about. 

What ever happened to being able to buy a house from Sears? In 1920, you could order a 2 bed 1 bath home for $4,317.00 that included all the wood you would need, a shingle roof with a 17 year warrantied shingle, kitchen cabinets and even the fireplace mantle. Of course you had to provide your own concrete, block and brick, because that would be crazy to ship anyway. For an extra $138 you could get 2 finished rooms in the attic - what a bargain! Today you couldn't get the permits for this same house for that price (especially if you need a water/sewer tap). Many of these homes still exist in older neighborhoods, especially near train tracks. The average yearly salary in 1920 was $3,269.40 (which today would be about $50,000.00) Wouldn't it be nice if people could just order one of these homes today from Sears for $60,000.00? Now that would be an awesome (and affordable) starter home.

On December 1, 2023 new gun laws took effect in North Carolina. Now NC Conceal Carry Permit holders can carry their firearms in places of worship, even if those services are held on the grounds of a school. The new laws also will allow NC Conceal Carry Permit holders to carry guns on some school properties, during select times. There will also be a two-year statewide awareness initiative for gun lock distribution programs and safe gun storage. New firearms sold in North Carolina are already required to come with gun locks and most gun shops will provide additional locks for free. 

Remember knowledge is power and asking questions when things don't make sense is a good thing.


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