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Topsail Gun Gal

Attorney Generals from several states have sent the Presidents and CEO’s of Mastercard, Visa and American Express a letter regarding the very concerning action of tracking a customer’s purchases when a purchase is made at a gun shop. The problem? First, this is a direct violation of privacy through the consumer protection laws. Second, it is a violation of the rights of law abiding citizens to be punished for making legal purchases. Where does this “big brother” nonsense end?

For those people who think this is “no big deal” what happens when a purchase on your credit card can get you fired from your job or your child refused access to a school or programs? For the large big box stores like that sell sporting goods and firearms this “over-reach” won’t apply. The primary business being punished is the small, privately owned

shop that sells firearms. The infringement “code” that would be used to track purchases would not be able to differentiate between the purchase of a firearm or an optic or even hunting gear, like clothing. The code would be used to track purchases of a certain amount or larger, yet that amount still hasn’t been shared. As firearms can range in price from $100 to thousands of dollars, it would have to be expected that any amount spent at a shop given the “code” would be used for tracking purchases.

Do you want your credit card company following your purchases? Do you want your credit card company to be able to tell you what you can and cannot spend your money on? Included in this “code” will be transactions made with debit cards. Tracking money coming directly from your bank account is part of this game too. The answer from every consumer should be a very loud “No”.

Want to do something to protect your rights? How about contacting the N.C. Attorney General’s office and ask why he didn’t sign the letter to protect the rights of North Carolina citizens. You can go right to his website and fill out a contact form and share your concerns. Want to give him a call? Easy to do. (919) 716-6400 is the phone number for constituent concerns.

Smith and Wesson has come out with a new version of the Shield 2.0 Plus pistol in 30 Super Carry. This new round is a rimless pistol ammo introduced just this year with great expectations. In order to compete with the very popular 9mm and the .380 ACP, Federal created an ammunition that was smaller but just as powerful and would allow for larger magazine capacity without changing the size of the magazine.

The new S&W Shield Plus pistols will range from $449-$579 and will offer buyers a capacity of 13 plus 1.

This new round was designed for the Conceal Carry handgun and self-defense market.

A box of 50 rounds of 30 Super Carry is more than 9mm target and less than .380 target ammo.

Remember knowledge is power and protecting your freedoms is more important than ever.


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