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Sneads Ferry Area Welcomes New Business

What does your business offer that is unique to the area?

I am a professional organizer specializing in decluttering and organizing in peoples’ homes and offices to help them be efficient and proud in their spaces. As an Army Brat having moved over 30 times myself, I am also an expert at unpacking and making your new house feel like home right away! Is this a family business and if so, what other members of your family work with you?

I work by myself 99% of the time because my clients are typically making difficult decluttering decisions that take too much time for more than one person to be onsite. On rare occasions my husband, Joel, acts as the company “muscle” to help me expedite time sensitive sessions, especially for moving related projects. Does your business use products that are considered "green" or environmentally friendly?

I encourage recycling and donating as much as possible during the decluttering and unpacking portions of my sessions. I also reuse my clients’ existing organizing products rather than asking them to purchase additional storage solutions unless completely necessary. Is this your only business? If not, would you like to share your other occupations?

I left an exciting career in international corporate events during the pandemic to focus solely on this business and I couldn’t be happier about it! Is your business family friendly? Pet friendly?

Yes! I encourage everyone in the household to be involved in the decluttering, organizing and maintaining phases of the projects if applicable. One of the best ways to get kids involved is to ask them to create labels for the newly organized shelves or bins they’ll be using. Pets are always very curious about what’s going on and I thoroughly enjoy when they check in on the progress! Does your business offer discounts for military, teachers, realtors, senior citizens?

I offer a 10% discount for military and first responders. What form of payments do you take?

Cash, check, credit, etc. and is there a cash discount? Cash (5% discount); check; credit card (3% fee) Is your business open year round?

Yes! Anytime is a great time to get organized. Spring inspires people to declutter and have fresh new spaces. Summers are often busy with move-in unpacking sessions. Fall/winter are generally booked with decluttering sessions to make room for holiday guests and new gifts. Are you looking for long term customers, short term customers or online customers?

It is my goal to have short term customers only. If I’m helping declutter enough and organize effectively I shouldn’t have to come back to help in the same space again. I’ve been highly successful in this aspect! However, I do love when I client reaches back out to help prepare for or unwind from a renovation or a move!

Do you offer home services, like catering, photography, weddings?

My decluttering, organizing and unpacking services are all done in my clients’ homes or offices. What are the goals for your business? Do you want to expand? Build your own place?

I have just expanded to this area from Upstate SC where I have been organizing full time since 2020. I look forward to helping many new clients feel proud and efficient in their homes here! Is your business mobile, like a dog wash, tanning or hair salon service? If so, what areas do you work in?

I am located in Sneads Ferry, NC and service the coastal towns between Jacksonville, NC and Wilmington, NC. Do you offer consultations or estimates? Is there a cost for them?

I offer complimentary virtual consultations or 30-minute in-home consultations for a $30 fee plus mileage. What are your hours?

My hands-on service hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm. However, I can be reached Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm and Fridays 8am-5pm. What is your location?

I am located in Sneads Ferry, NC and offer in-person professional organizing services at my clients’ homes and offices in the coastal towns between Wilmington, NC and Jacksonville, NC. Brittany Overstreet, Owner and Lead Organizer - Organize with Brittany Professional Home and Office Organizer Serving Upstate SC area AND North Topsail Beach, NC area

Get it contact with Brittany: 570-780-7300


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