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Range Rovers And 30 Year Old Men Need To Be Banned

A group of immigrants were waiting at a bus stop in Texas when a man driving a Range Rover plowed into them, killing 8 and injuring several others. Some witnesses reported that after the massacre he screamed out cursing their mothers and for them to leave his country. It was not clear if the driver lost control of the vehicle or if his intentions were just evil. The 34-year-old man has now been charged with manslaughter and has a $3.4 million dollar bond. No one clearly knows if this was intentional, but it is a fact that he was driving a grey Range Rover. Clearly this vehicle must be banned.

Not far from this terrible event, another tragedy unfolded when a 33- year-old man who lived with his parents and had been discharged from the army for “mental issues” shot and killed 7 innocent people outside an affluent mall in Texas. Reports of him being associated with white supremacy media sites fill most of the reports. The confusion lies in why he would pick an affluent mall as his target area.

The father of a nine-year-old boy, who was killed along with his mother by his 38-year-old neighbor, has come forward to correct some misunderstandings regarding that fatal night (in Texas). After several phone calls to local police regarding excessive noise from the neighbor shooting his firearm, the man decided to approach his neighbor and asked him to move to the other side of his property since a baby was trying to sleep. Apparently, it was not uncommon for the men in this community to drink and shoot guns, even late at night. In an act of pure evil, the neighbor came after the man, shooting and killing several people in the home before taking off. After four days the man was found and arrested. People all over the United States live in communities that are more in tuned with their beliefs and customs, but I still find getting drunk and shooting guns at night an odd custom, and not a good one.

North Carolina recently enacted a law that would allow law abiding citizens to purchase a handgun with an on-site background check (done by an FFL – Federally licensed firearm dealer) at time of purchase instead of requiring a paper permit issued by a County Sheriff’s office. The Governor vetoed the Bill but that was overridden. The new law went into effect and the increase in sales for many gun shops was immediate. Buyers who had postponed purchases due to the hassle of getting a permit were out to buy.

Now the NC House and Senate are working towards a Constitutional Carry Bill, similar to the one that became law in Florida in April. Florida became the 26th State to have a Constitutional Carry law, which means that more than half of all the United States have Constitutional Carry laws.

If North Carolina were to have Constitutional Carry what does that mean for a Conceal Carry Permit holder and would that option still be available. The answer is yes, the option of getting a North Carolina Conceal Carry Permit would still exist and would be strongly recommended for anyone who wishes to travel. Currently the NC Conceal permit is good in 37 other states. The North Carolina Conceal Carry Permit would also eliminate the onsite background check requirement which can take as little as a few minutes up to hours (or even days) depending on the demand on the system and results.

As a gun owner, education is always key. Whether a person is buying their first firearm or has a long history with hunting, target shooting or training, it is always beneficial to take a safety class. I suggest taking different classes from different instructors. No two people teach the same information. You will learn something new each time. Gun classes can be designed for private groups (like your office staff) or for a “Girls Day at the range”.

Getting all your information about guns and gun safety from Hollywood is a mistake. A firearm that holds 30 rounds does not fire thousands of rounds at one time – like in the movies. No one should be firing a weapon without hearing protection (very rarely seen on TV). People don’t go around dropping magazines since they usually cost $30-$50 dollars each! No one is going to shoot a bunch of .45 caliber rounds in close proximity to another person and then whisper to the person next to them and still be able to hear (without hearing protection).

Shooting firearms can be loud, messy and requires complete concentration. I want everyone who owns a firearm to have as much training and practice as they can afford, know how to safely clear, maintain and store a firearm, and to feel comfortable asking for help when needed.

Owning and operating a firearm is a big responsibility.

Remember knowledge is power, Range Rovers need to be banned, and learning more about something important to you is always a good thing.


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