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Our Beautiful Ocean

I’ve seen the ocean in its many moods: the calm smooth almost glass like

appearance; the rough, angry waves that come crashing in during a storm; the playful waves that ripple back and forth on the beach and glitter in the sunlight;

the ocean at night, with the moon light shining on it in the distance. All just waiting for you to come and explore it.

Whatever mood the ocean is in, it never ceases to amaze me at its beauty, wonder and its limitless mysteries it holds.

Once you've seen the sunrise or even sunset cascading its magnificent colors over the endless ocean, you will be drawn to it for the rest of your life.

The ocean shares itself in many ways. It, through time, places a deposit of itself on the shore, for us to come and sift through to find special treasures to place in jewelry, in art or in a jar to remind us of our stay. It captivates us as we sit on our porches and listen to the waves crash against the shore. It provides a vast array of delicacies. It brings family enjoyment as we step on a boat or ship and take a cruise on her.

The ocean is far too large for me to wrap my head around, no body of water can compare to the ocean. It is immeasurably vast. There are parts of the ocean where no ship has ever sailed, depths no human has ever seen nor explored. It is mysterious and intriguing and that is why I love it so much.

Standing on the shore, looking out to see miles of ocean, I am in awe of how large it is, and how tiny I am. It leaves me speechless.

I have found a deep respect for the ocean. It could kill you in seconds if you don't respect its mass, its power, its ability to do things you can't imagine. It could overtake you before you even realize what hit you. Never underestimate the power of those gentle, peaceful waves. What lies beneath the waters can be dangerous.

What does lie beneath the surface of the ocean? A whole other world. A life completely different from our own. The Ocean floor covers more than half of the earth's surface. Many of it has yet to be discovered. Deep Coral reefs, underwater volcanoes and caverns teaming with life. Did you know the Earth’s Largest waterfall is actually underwater? It is in the Denmark Strait. Colder water tumbles over a huge drop in the ocean floor, 11,500 feet. The Largest land waterfall is only 3,212 feet. In this world you will find sea creatures of all different shapes and sizes. Some transparent, others teaming with color. Some not so pretty with lights on their heads. I have one very special sea creature I can never get enough of and

that would be the dolphin. I was privileged to see them up close when I chartered a boat with some friends out in the Keys. These beautiful creatures swam next to the boat, playing and just enjoying life.

When I sit on the beach and wiggle my toes in the sand, I bask in the beauty

of that big blue ocean and remember the memories I have made with my friends and family and dream about this deep vast ocean. Its depths I may never see in real life. Oh, I may see it in pictures and movies but actually putting on a diving suit and jumping in, that is for the more adventurous people. I will just take in the sights and dream.

I enjoy my fresh ocean air. Hearing the birds singing and listening to the waves crash. That is the most peaceful sound on earth.


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