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North Carolina And Federal Gun Laws: What You Need To Know

Currently in both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, a Bill has been put forward known as “The Travelers Gun Rights Act”. This Bill, which originated with U.S. Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota, would protect the rights of people who are active military, full time RV travelers and people with homes in multiple states. The current FFL form 4473 to purchase a firearm does not allow a P.O. Box as an address for an applicant and many people who travel full time don’t have a stationary home address. This discrepancy is an issue, especially with the drastic rise in full time people who live and travel in RVs. Even though the 2nd Amendment Rights granted by our Constitution are supposed to apply to all citizens in all states, law abiding citizens currently face harsh restrictions when traveling from state to state.

A National Conceal Carry Permit has been tossed around for years but currently does not exist.

A North Carolina Bill is gaining strength. The “Repeal the purchase permit” bill was approved by the NC Senate and now has also been approved by the NC House. Senate Bill 41, cosponsored by Senator Michael Lazzara (Onslow County) and House Bill 50, if signed into law, would eliminate the need for an individual pistol purchase permit which is currently acquired by filling out an application, paying $5 and waiting for the Sheriff’s department to approve or deny it. What would take the permits place? When a person wants to purchase a handgun, an onsite, current background check would be done by the Federal Firearm Licensed gun dealer at the time of purchase. Currently all bordering states, Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina, conduct sales this way. North Carolina currently does an onsite background check for long gun sales (unless a person has a NC Conceal Carry permit).

Can a person be denied a firearm with this method? Absolutely.

Is this procedure safe and will it protect the citizens? Absolutely. In fact, a purchase permit is good for five years and when presented is all a FFL needs (as well as a photo ID) to complete a sale. The on-site background check would be recent and up to date. A lot can happen in five years.

Democrats in the Charlotte area are putting forward a bill that would require a purchase permit for a long gun as well as a handgun.

If you support this well overdue and updated change to our system to make background checks more up-to-date by eliminating the purchase permit requirement, pick up the phone and call or email the Governor’s office. He has vetoed similar bills in the past, even those that had the support of the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association. His number is (919) 814-2000 or email by going to

It takes one minute to let your voice be heard. Don’t presume someone else will do it for you.

Remember knowledge is power and if you don’t understand something, ask. There are people with answers at gun shops that will be more than happy to explain the processes in place and what can make them better.


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