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More Of The Things We Do

Researching the info for my last article was so uplifting, that I decided to seek out more good. Lord knows, we have enough negative stuff around to make you want to pull your hair out, or at least buy a one way ticket on a submersible. (sorry about that) Finding more good stuff, more good people who do good things was not hard. It seems the more I look for good, the more I find it.( I think there’s a message in that statement). Anyway, so and so told me about this person and that person told me about another and before I knew it I found a bunch of people who do things for others, not just themselves. Yeah, it’s easy to throw money at a problem (if you have it) but to actually donate your own time to help others is, in my opinion, a saintly thing. This week I’m highlighting people who help our military vets.

It seems these people are modest about their helping. Obviously they don’t do it for the recognition- the reward is in the doing. Remember, these are just a few of those people. I know there are many more and I’m sure you, dear reader, know some too.

Last issue I mentioned Ecological Marine Aquarium in Surf City. I’m very impressed with this young couple who run the business and truly have the community’s best interest at heart. They not only have touch tank experiences for kids of all ages, but they offer camps and classes for kids as well. Taylor Maready and his wife Amber offer military discounts in the off season and children of the military are often afforded free classes at the camps. Please reach out to them at Taylor and Amber stressed that it is important to teach children that they are important and can make a difference. “We teach kids to love the ocean, because if they love the ocean, they’ll take care of it. “

I think every fisherman, every person that grew up coming to the beach and those of us who live here have a great respect for that entity and would agree that we need to take care of the ocean; It is not a trash can, but is where so much life begins.

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association was founded in the early 2000s. They are in all 50 states; this chapter of the CVMA 15-4, helps in small ways by mowing lawns and putting in ramps, to huge ways by providing money for clothing, food, and services that would be costly. Just recently they donated $2500 to Canines for Services. Yes, they are vets helping vets. And who knows better how to help a veteran than another veteran. Recently a local veteran and his family lost their home to fire. The CVMA helped them obtain furniture, find a new home and helped them move. Every year they do charity rides, proceeds going to a specific causes like St. Jude’s or breast cancer.They help homeless vets by supplying clothing, food, dental exams and they reach out in other ways to help vets in need of assistance. Thank you to Sgt. at Arms Troy Johnson and Chapter Commander Joshua “Juggernaut” Kelly for all the good works you and the others of CVMA do.

You know, these people don’t hang signs outside their doors or take out ads to call attention to their good works, they do it quietly and without desire for attention. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. My daddy always said, ‘if you have to toot your own horn, then you’re the only one doing it.’ The people in this article are compelled to give back to their community, and they do it because they care. Thank you to these people.

But I’m not finished yet, there is Bonnie Sload Tyrrell, a member of Wreaths Across American. This organization places wreaths on the grave sites of military in Wilmington National Cemetery. Every December she and her daughter, Christy, take part in distributing these wreaths. Bonnie and Christy also take part in Toys for Tots.

Another person, whom I have known for many years, Dorothy Royal, is most certainly one of the best supporters of our local vets. Through her businesses of Surf City Guns and Ammo and Paradise Axe and Arcade. She not only sponsors various programs and donates gift certificates for silent auctions to help the military, but she provides programs in gun sales for the military, law enforcement and first responds. Her knowledge and participation in veteran activities is huge. Please contact either of her businesses for more information about free axe throwing opportunities for vets, law enforcement, parents, grandparents, nurses and first responders, in the months of July and August. 910-328-4499. In previous articles I have mentioned how Dorothy, her husband Ricky and their children provide much needed entertainment for the communities of Topsail and Holly Ridge. Paradise Axe and Archade provides family fun for everyone. Kudos to Dorothy and her family for all they do.

Then there is Randy Batts. Several months back I wrote an article about the work he does with the Veterans Spear Fishing Project. It’s worth it to say it again, especially when someone is providing caring services. Randy, along with Trey Fagan take vets out on Randy’s vessel SPEAR IT, and provide opportunities to vets and their families both under and on the water. You’ve heard of healing waters, well, here they are.

Thank you to these people for doing what you do, for not just talking about things, but doing something to help.


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