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Michele Halley for Onslow County Board of Education

Q: What is the primary issue facing the school system that led you to run for office? A: There are issues facing the school system that need to be addressed. I want to serve because I am a firm supporter of public education and wish to work collaboratively with others to resolve the issues. I want to support the employees of the system and the community we serve to provide the opportunity for an excellent education to all students who live here. 

Q: What are your skills and experiences that make you the right choice for Onslow County voters?

A: I retired in September 2020 after serving over 40 years in Onslow County Schools. During my career, I was able to experience the educational system in a variety of ways, ranging from volunteer, substitute teacher, teacher, teacher on-loan to NC Department of Public Instruction, an alternative pathway to licensure CT3 instructor with UNCW, and county-level director. I continue to maintain a vested interest in the Onslow County Schools as well as the Onslow community. A quality school system is vital to the growth and success of Onslow County.  

Q: School safety has been a hot topic at Onslow County School board meetings. If elected, what will you do to help ensure the safety of students and staff on school grounds? 

A: I would follow current policies, address new policies as needed, stay up to date on county needs, conduct assessment of what is working and addressing what is not. It will take all stakeholders working cooperatively to address the issue of safety. 

Q: Do you have children or grandchildren that attend the Onslow County Schools, and if so, what do you feel are the major issues that affect them? 

A: I don’t currently have children or grandchildren attending Onslow County Schools. However, my two children were graduates of the system. In the main reason our family relocated to Onslow County was for the availability of a quality school system. 

Q: If elected, how do you plan on filling the need for more teachers and school bus drivers? Would you support incentives, like benefits and bonuses? 

A: Promote recruitment in various ways including but not limited to social media, job fairs, visiting teacher programs at local universities, and alternative pathways to licensure. Retainment of district employees would include looking at current surveys associated with job satisfaction, reason for employees leaving, turnover rates and causation, and other processes currently in place. In addition to the above avenues, I would also want to meet and talk with stakeholders, form relationships, and work collaboratively to ensure a successful work environment. While this is a state issue, there is a need to retain a solid employee benefit package. We need to do what we can to address employee salaries.

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