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If The Shoe Fits…BUY IT

I’ve had a shoe obsession for too many years to count. And I own too many pairs to say. Shoes are always a fun purchase for me. They always fit, they add a little style to your outfit and everyone loves fun shoes. You could be wearing a paper sack with adorable red heels and many will say “…but the shoes were on point.” The problem is I love ALL shoes. Sneakers…yes. Heels…yes. Flats..YES YES! What is it about shoes that we love? I believe I fixated on shoes at a young age because I grew up in grade school through middle school wearing a uniform. We had a choice of a plaid skirt or a navy blue skirt and a white or a baby blue button down Oxford shirt. When it was cold we could wear khaki pants and a green sweater. Not just any plaid skirt or khaki pants…uniform approved. We bought these uniforms every summer at the local mom and pop uniform store. We all looked alike. So, shoes were important. It started with penny loafers. I’d have a new pair of penny loafers and my mom or dad would put a bright shiny penny, heads up of course, in the slit across the top of the shoe. Then I loved the black and white saddle oxfords. And by the end of middle school it was all about the Eastlands! Am I bringing back fond memories for you too? In the summer it was Keds all day long. I remember being at a birthday pool party for a friend with about 15 girls there. There was a huge pile of white Keds at the back door. It was a nightmare when we all went to leave and had to find our shoes. They all looked the same! High school brought many different shoe trends. Sandals…I could finally wear sandals to school. Birkenstocks made a come-back too. Then Doc Martins. I never wore those. I liked more of a preppy look. Sticking true to my uniform days the loafers were a go-to, even heeled loafers. Don't worry, I'm hanging my head in shame even admitting to that one. And of course, the beloved Sam & Libby flats. Oh the colors they came in! My love of shoes continues. I get the eye roll every time I bring another pair home. But that doesn't stop me. After all, a new pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Cinderella! Stop by Coral Cottage and take a look at the Fall shoes we have in stock!


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