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Holly Ridge Fiasco Update

During the November 8th Holly Ridge Town Meeting, public comment focused on the events of the previous town meeting.

Dorothy Royal spoke about the disregard for public comment that led to the visible frustration of those in attendance after the vote on October 11th. All of the people that spoke during that session suggested the item be tabled for more information and that a vote should not be rushed. She stated that the public’s concern had clearly been ignored. Mrs. Royal stated that people felt disrespected and that people who take time out of their busy schedule to come and speak at the town meetings do so since they care about Holly Ridge and the decisions the council makes that affects them.

Mr. Tim McKinley spoke in regards to his concern about the firing range at the VFW. Mr. McKinley was concerned that the firing range would be impacted by the town councils previous vote requiring firing ranges to be 100 acres or more. He also asked why the council voted to give a person a monopoly regarding firing ranges. He stated that he agreed with Mrs. Royal’s comments regarding the council ignoring public comments.

Councilman Greg Hines asked for clarification before assuring Mr. McKinley that the VFW range would not be affected by the previous text amendment change.

Under Old Business was a Proposed Text Amendment change regarding the outdoor firing range section 7-4-12. The proposed text would revise the previously approved “firing ranges would require 100 acres or more and would no longer require a special use permit” to add that firing ranges under 100 acres would be allowed and would require a Special Use Permit. Councilwoman Pam Hall wanted it stated on the record that she was opposed to removing the Special Use Permit requirement, regardless of size of property.

The text amendment change will be open for public comment at the next meeting on December 13th, 2022.

Under New Business there was a call for a public hearing on the Voluntary Satellite Annexation request from Penslow, LLC of Parcel Number 051883 located on Preston Wells Road. The property is 105.14 acres and was the focus of the meeting regarding the text amendment change for firing ranges.

No owner or representative of the property was present at the meeting. Councilwoman Pam Hall and Councilman Greg Hines brought up the discrepancy on the application as being signed by Christopher Buffalino and not Mr. Wooten, who had been present at the previous meeting. It was mentioned that Mr. Buffalino was an owner of the Penslow, LLC but there was no documentation to reflect that.

Regardless of the discrepancy, a vote was taken to move the process to Public Comment at the December 13th Town Meeting.

During public comment at the end of the session, Mrs. Royal commented that Penslow, LLC was the applicant on the annexation, not Mr. Buffalino, and that after a search of the LLC she could not find Mr. Buffalino’s name on the newly formed LLC and therefore the application should not be accepted and the owners should be asked to properly fill out the application.

North Carolina state law G.S.160A-58 requires ALL OWNERS must sign a petition for Voluntary Satellite Annexation. The application must also include the names, addresses and signatures of all owners, which was not included on the application.

It is not known at this time if the town required a new application for the satellite annexation.


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