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Hans Miller for Onslow County Commissioner

Q: What is the primary issue facing the county that led to you to run for office?

A: I see a real need for the Onslow County Board of Commissioners to be more "in touch" with & to listen to the PEOPLE of Onslow County, particularly on the south end (Stump Sound: Sneads Ferry, Folkstone, Holly Ridge, North Topsail Beach & Surf City) part of our county. I propose periodic town hall meetings in all areas of the county, where citizens can bring their needs & their recommendations to me, so I can properly represent them to the entire Board of Commissioners. No one in a public office should ever make any decisions solely based on campaign contributions. Decisions should always be made for the legitimate needs of the people, in general.

Q: If elected, would you support an increase in local option sales tax, and if so, would you support a decrease in the property tax rate?

A: Yes to both. It is well known that I have been speaking with members of our county's State delegation (Senate & House of Representatives) about this issue for a long time. I recommended a local quarter cent sales tax increase, which would bring a significant increase to our county budget for county needs. Then, after evaluation, the county property tax rate can be reduced for property owners. We have many people shopping & visiting our county, who make purchases of items & services. The quarter cent tax increase would be barely noticed by purchasers. I think it is unfair to place most of the county tax burden on property owners. If any State senator or representative is not in favor of raising sales tax for this minimal amount, they should put it to the PEOPLE as a referendum & let the PEOPLE decide the next election.

Q: What are your skills and experience that make you the right choice for Onslow County voters?

A: As my public service record shows, I have years of experience in policy making, budgeting, managing, administering & LEADING in the military service & in Onslow County. I had to defend a security system maintenance budget to the U.S. Navy Comptroller in Washington, DC when I was on active duty. As the Police Chief of Albert J. Ellis airport, I proposed a budget to the airport director for my police force. As Sheriff of Onslow County for two terms (8 years), I was responsible for all budgeting for the Onslow County Sheriff's Office & the Onslow County Detention Center (Jail). A very detailed & complex process. My goal was to only ask for needed funds & not to "over spend" taxpayer money. During my second term, I voluntarily attended almost all Board of County Commissioners (BOC) meetings, for security & to reduce Deputy Sheriff overtime. I am very well aware of the procedures that the BOC follows. I have always been honest, transparent & accessible to the PEOPLE that I serve.

Q: If elected, would you support the construction of a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex in Onslow County?

A: Yes. I would support a public/private partnership to find a location, determine the appropriate size, layout & construction & ensure that, in the long run (years ahead) the county citizens will benefit by bringing more visitors & events (sports, military events, conventions, etc.) into our county. The associated benefits would be more tourism funds, sales taxes, employment opportunities for our county citizens, especially our young people. Of course, the cost will be evaluated (cost/benefit analysis).

Q: If elected, would you attend local town meetings that are within Onslow County to hear their concerns and to show the support of the Onslow County Board of Commissioners?

A: Of course. As the public record shows, as Sheriff of Onslow county, I organized multiple town hall meetings in all parts of Onslow County, to inform & to listen to the PEOPLE. These town hall meetings were conducted in a frequent basis, until a hurricane & a viral pandemic put a stop to it. I do understand that, as just one member of the Board of Commissioners, I would not be able to organize a town hall meeting just by myself. However, if the citizens of a city, a town or an unincorporated community of Onslow County want to organize a town hall meeting, I will make efforts to attend. (I might wear blue jeans & take notes for action).

P.S.: One of my goals is to reduce EMS response times to the southern area of our county. I also strongly believe in school & church security & plan to work closely with the OCSO to keep our citizens, old & young, safe.


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