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Fashion Statements: The Tracy Chapman Moment

I think we’ve all seen it by now, the duet that was performed on the Grammy’s with Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman singing Fast Car. When Fast Car became popular again last year by Luke Combs, I was surprised at how many people had never heard it before. I remember Fast Car coming out when I was in high school and I loved it.

But there was something that night about that whole performance. We were at dinner with friends and the restaurant had The Grammy’s televised. I was glued to the screen from the moment the first chord sounded. When the camera panned to show it was actually Tracy Chapman on stage with Luke Combs, I was hooked. Now from what I understand Tracy hasn’t played live for over 20 years. And when that audience erupted in applause and cheers, she looked absolutely touched with the reception. Luke sang along with her and when he wasn’t he was looking at Tracy in awe. When the song was over, Luke pointed at Tracy as if to give her all the respect and they received a standing ovation.

What got me the most, was the humble pride and surprise she seemed to have when she got that reception. To me, it was amazing to witness. It’s like she realized right then and there what her music has meant to people.

It got me thinking. We all should feel that way in our lives. I read where Tracy said that she quit singing for a while because she is “perhaps not the ideal person” for the job, not having the personality to thrive under the spotlight. And I think we have all felt that way. Doubted things we do, even the things we love to do. I think we all need a standing ovation at some point or another in our life. Whether it be for graduating college, getting a promotion or simply for making it through another day of life sometimes.

I challenge us all to create that moment for someone in our life, a Tracy Chapman moment. Give someone that feeling of purpose, re-assuring them of what they’re doing and applauding them for the simple things.


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