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Erin Urbanski for Onslow County Board of Education

Q: What is the primary issue facing the school system that led you to run for office? A: I believe the most urgent issue at present is ensuring the safety of the children and staff on school campuses- an ongoing concern that demands swift resolution.  While I may not have all the answers, if elected to the Board of Education, I am committed to a collaborative effort aimed at guaranteeing the priority placed on the safety and well-being of our students at all times. This involves engaging with local law enforcement agencies, seeking input from areas that have successfully address similar issues, and welcoming ideas from parents, teachers, and stakeholders.  I respectfully refrain from discussing current leadership details, as I may not have the complete information on how matters are currently being handled. 

Q: What are your skills and experiences that make you the right choice for Onslow County voters?

A: I bring a wealth of experience in education, a strong professional background, and a steadfast commitment to my faith.  As a Christian, small business owner, and a mother to a child in the Onslow County school system, my perspective is rooted in a genuine concern for our children.  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, I am equipped to address various aspects of safety and security.  I advocate for collaborative efforts, valuing the input of all parties involved, to arrive at the best possible solutions for the benefit of our children, teachers, staff, parents and community. 

Q: School safety has been a hot topic at Onslow County School board meetings. If elected, what will you do to help ensure the safety of students and staff on school grounds? 

A: Ensuring safety remains the foremost concern within school campuses as it forms the foundation for education.  In my pursuit of a seat on the Board of Education, I aim to leverage my background in criminal justice to facilitate a cooperative approach in implementing the most effective safety measures for our schools.  Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all solution is inadequate, I am committed to dedicating ongoing time and effort to develop and adapt solutions as needed. 

Q: Do you have children or grandchildren that attend the Onslow County Schools, and if so, what do you feel are the major issues that affect them?

A: While my own child attending an Onslow County School is not currently facing any immediate issues, I am deeply aware of challenges affecting other students across the district. My advocacy is driven by the collective well-being of all children, not just my own.  I am committed to addressing and preventing issues that may impact the broader student community, ensuring a positive and secure educational environment for every child in the district. 

Q: If elected, how do you plan on filling the need for more teachers and school bus drivers? Would you support incentives, like benefits and bonuses? 

A: Recognizing the evident need for teachers and bus drivers in our county, I may not have direct experience as an educator, but I have close ties with several in the profession.  I deeply appreciate the time, effort, and energy that educators invest daily in our students, and I believe they deserve proper compensation.  Similarly, the crucial role of bus drivers in ensuring the safe transportation of our children should be appropriately rewarded.  While I may not have an in-depth understanding of the current budget, if elected, I am committed to early exploration of budgetary aspects.  My goal is to ensure that teachers and drivers receive fair compensation for their dedicated work.  I understand the challenges they face, including overwork and underpayment, leading to a less than ideal retention rate.  In addition to benefits and bonuses, I believe a comprehensive solution is essential to address these issues. 

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