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Eight Sea Turtles Released Back Into The Wild!

On June 13th, we released eight sea turtles back into the wild!

Some of these turtles had extraordinary journeys like little Butternut Squash who recovered from a possible boat propellor strike that was healed with a topical honey treatment and antibiotics; or Microlite, a Kemp's Ridley who was fishhooked on Topsail Island.

These turtles have a special significance because it is the 25th anniversary of the hospital's incorporation, and we can reflect on the road (and turtles!) that got us all here! For Loggerhead sea turtles, they can reach maturity anywhere from 25-30 years old. This means that the first juvenile turtles that were rehabilitated at the hospital are hopefully now laying nests of their own- completing the circle of life on Topsail.

We are so grateful to take care of these magnificent and resilient animals, and for the hard work of all of our turtle people!

Swim fast, swim free turtles!

Fair winds and following seas!

All conservation work for endangered sea turtles at KBSTRRC and on Topsail Island is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, ES Permit 23ST05.


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