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Coastal Soul Professionals Honors Loved Ones With Cancer Patient Cleanings


Coastal Soul Professionals, LLC has partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, a nonprofit providing free home cleaning services to cancer patients across the United States and Canada. Owners Samantha and Bryan Christmas have a deep personal connection to cancer, which fuels their unwavering dedication to supporting Cleaning for a Reason and aiding cancer patients.

"Cancer has touched both my husband and me in profound ways," Samantha

Christmas shared. "We've lost cherished family members to this relentless disease. My grandmother, Cynthia, fought ovarian cancer but succumbed to it in 2014 at 59. Two years later, my grandfather lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at 61. In 2018, my father's life was cut short by colorectal cancer at just 53."

"My husband Bryan faced cancer at a young age but emerged as a survivor. Tragically, his uncle, Jimmy, couldn't overcome cancer's grasp. These personal losses have fueled our determination to join forces with Cleaning for a Reason. We've experienced firsthand how cancer affects not only the patient but the entire family. Through our partnership, we aim to honor our loved ones' memories and support those currently battling cancer -- letting them know they are not alone in their journey."

Through partnership with Cleaning for a Reason, Coastal Soul Professionals support two cancer patients' homes each month for two consecutive months free of charge. This is an ongoing service to patients residing in Hampstead, Jacksonville, Holly Ridge, Sneads Ferry and Topsail Island.

About Coastal Souls Professionals, LLC

Established in 2023 by Samantha and Bryan Christmas, Coastal Soul Professionals has emerged as a prominent provider of residential and commercial cleaning services. The company places a strong emphasis on both client satisfaction and community welfare. Their mission revolves around more than just cleaning spaces; it's about leaving an enduring positive impact on the world, striving to make it a better place, one cleaning at a time. To learn more about this company, go to their Facebook page.

About Cleaning for a Reason

Cleaning for a Reason partners with more than 1,200 residential cleaners throughout the United States and Canada to offer free house cleaning to any household battling cancer. Since 2006, the nonprofit and its partners have donated more than $17 million in services, helping more than 50,000 cancer patients. In 2017, Cleaning for a Reason was adopted by ISSA Charities, the charitable arm of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. To apply for services, to join as a cleaning partner, or to support the work of Cleaning for a Reason, visit


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