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Coastal Common Sense

Why is there such a pronounced cultural divide in America? Why is the void between the Left and the Right so wide? What caused people to drift so far apart in what seems like such a short time? One word - God.

The Founding Fathers built one nation under God with all our rights and liberties derived from God and not from man. For 200 years the lamp that guided the prosperous expansion of our country was placed securely on that alter.

The Founders studied all past civilizations and determined that only a religious people with faith in the God of creation could withstand the enduring punishment of human nature with its inherent greed, selfishness and deceit. Allowed to run unchecked, these negative natural attributes have destroyed every civilization in human history; and they are currently working to undermine our great country.

If God was placed at the head of the ship of state by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, where has He gone since then? He has been systematically removed from our culture one small step at a time. First, it was the removal of the Ten Commandments from courthouses to be replaced by secular writings. Then the statues of Jesus were not permitted on public land being replaced by contemporary cultural heroes. Then the Pledge of Allegiance was not permitted in schools having been replaced by drag queen library hours.

Then the divine assault became more aggressive and the atheists in power clamped down on every reference to God in the public square. They justified the censorship citing Thomas Jefferson's doctrine of the Separation of Church and State; but Jefferson said no such thing. Rather, a U.S. Supreme Court decision in the 1940's made a vague reference calling for a separation, and the rest is history.

The demand to remove God from any taxpayer funded entity became their clarion call and one courthouse, one school and one state at a time quietly without protest put God on the back burner leaving a God-sized hole in our culture.

Science tells us that anytime there is a hole, gravity will fill the vacuum. In this case, the God-sized hole has steadily been filled with many other less enduring beliefs like ego, power and man's sinful craving to control the world around him. All of which is embodied in what today's Marxists worship as The State.

This new religion places the state as the most high power. They see the state as the answer to all human problems and the unseen force that manages all earthly affairs. Obedience is mandatory in this expanding creed and any dissent is silenced. No longer are the Golden Rule and the Rule of Law guiding society, having been usurped by an entitlement mentality of take what you can get.

Once God is removed and the state reigns supreme, then it is left up to mere men to rule, and they never rule wisely. These elites think they are smarter than the rest of us and thereby have the right, in fact the moral duty, to exert their unearned power over us. With no higher authority to restrain them, they naturally digress into greed, deceit and selfishness

This has been our moral decline for the past 100 years in America. We have created a generation that no longer sees God as the guarantor of our liberty. Instead, the halls of power in government, academia, K-12 education, entertainment, business and our homes have been taken over by godless people whose empty souls require constant chaos in order to control we the people. This is today's Left.

They have no Judeo-Christian belief and thus no sense of absolute right and wrong by which to acknowledge or judge eternal truth. Their moral relativism permits each individual to have their own variable truth that can be changed to apply to any situation. Today's truth for you is relative to my truth for tomorrow. This leads to men controlling other men without firm rules in order to satisfy their incessant craving for power.

The Right, by contrast, has a biblical belief system that naturally places everything under God. We believe in God's control, in laissez-faire government and don't tell me what to do or how to live. We believe in the Godgiven rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - none of which can be commuted by mere men.

The gulf between those who believe in God and those who don't grows ever wider; and the only bridge is to bring God back into the seats of government and the seats at our kitchen tables. We must fight for this at the ballot box by electing representatives to all levels of government from school board to president who will put God back in His rightful place.


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