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Coastal Common Sense

In a mere two years, the OBiden cabal has turned back the clock and has us perilously close to a cultural civil war, a great economic depression and a nuclear world war. Hopefully, saner heads will soon prevail in our federal government and guide us away from this frightening political precipice.

The Obama team is still running the government in an unauthorized third term. By his own admission, Obama wanted a puppet Democrat in office through which he could dictate control and extend the public policy decisions he implemented during his previous two years in office.

Biden is the perfect puppet, allowing the Obama shadow government to call the shots from their 8200 square foot rented mansion just 2 miles from the puppet stage in the West Wing. Meanwhile, Biden tells his complicit liberal media propagandists that he has everything under control.

Those Obama public policy decisions included forcing identity politics down our throats dividing us by skin color, gender, income and background creating a cultural civil war where every day brings a new conflict among those groups. The more discord they can sew, the more control they can exert over the people.

The rhetoric has become so nasty and the distance between the competing narratives so far that lines have been drawn and sides have been taken in this civil war. It's Judeo-Christian Americans versus moral relativist socialists - we the people versus we the government.

The entire state is under the unAmerican directives of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) forcing us to abide by these divisive identity politics through political appointments, executive orders and bureaucratic regulations

This civil war has seeped into our economy now as businesses have been coerced by central planning incentives into implementing environment, social and government (ESG) policies that are designed to enhance social justice at the expense of the bottom line.

The growing recession caused by these profit killing woke policies and the resulting skyrocketing inflation have come home to roost in bank failures across the country. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), among others, failed and was taken over by the Feds because the bank paid more attention to its social agenda than protecting the depositors' funds.

On the brink of more bank failures and looming economic depression reminiscent of 2008, the smiling puppet face tells us to relax citizens, everything is just fine.

Observing this domestic economic and moral decline, our adversaries abroad see our resulting foreign policy weakness as the ideal time for their long planned aggression. The Afghanistan exit debacle demonstrated our diplomatic ineptitude which then made the Ukrainian invasion possible and enhanced the current threat of China marching into Taiwan.

Our hapless State Department leadership under Winken, Blinken and Nod has no solution for these real time international advances as Putin forces us closer to nuclear armageddon in World War III.

Just a few short years after the historic Abraham Accords brought the warring factions in the Middle East together, our foreign policy objective has devolved into viewing climate change as the biggest threat to our national security.

And instead of continuing to facilitate peace in the Middle East, the US has abdicated its leadership role and allowed China to broker the latest trade agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the puppet President tells us everything is just fine.

A civil war, a depression and a world war all loom on the near horizon and are real possibilities under this administration. And all they can see is equal outcomes, climate change and open borders to extend their power. Can we please get some expert adults back in the room to save our country?


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