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Coastal Common Sense

What would happen to our beloved Topsail Island if a major disaster struck, like a CAT-5 hurricane, and there was no response from the government? What if FEMA was AWOL? How would the people who were devastated by such a disaster recover personally, emotionally and financially without government attention, support and financial aid? This is the reality that East Palestine, OH residents are feeling right now.

On one hand they do not want to be completely dependent on an untrustworthy government, but on the other hand they cannot recover without that top down assistance. If those Ohio residents had confidence in the information and scientific analysis they are receiving from the EPA and Norfolk Southern Railroad, that would make them feel alot better about how their disaster could be resolved and how their lives would get back to normal.

But, unfortunately, the current administration is more concerned about political optics than helping people in trouble. Our hapless White House occupant focuses on political theatre and dances on his political puppet strings with no regard for the lives of we the people; so often negatively impacted by his self-serving political policy decisions. It's a sad commentary on the heartless decisions continually handed down by this feckless White House.

They ignore personal hardships if it does not advance their political narrative. They neglect the poisoned residents in East Palestine because these hard working middle Americans don't reflect this administration's equity agenda.

If the train had derailed in South Chicago, the media coverage would have been pervasive. It would have been pegged as yet another example of white supremacy by uncaring, profit seeking capitalist corporations prioritizing dangerous chemical delivery over the safety of the communities through which those chemicals traveled. But because the train tracks blew up in Trump country, the catastrophe has been largely ignored by and even weaponized by this partisan administration and their complicit liberal media propagandists.

I personally know some of the good people from East Palestine, East Liverpool, Alliance and other similar small northeastern Ohio communities and they are mostly hard working patriotic Americans trying to keep the American dream alive in an economically depressed region often referred to by the Left Coast as fly over country.

The socialist White House and liberal media give no credibility to these midwesterners because they live outside major metropolitan areas and raise their families inside traditional American values. They support the America First agenda which is reason enough to be ignored and ridiculed by this terminally biased administration. Eventually incompetent Cabinet members show up as if it's an audition for The Village People. It's a pathetic spectacle to see exactly how unfeeling the ruling party is as they prioritize power over people.

Remember this heartless display next time Democrats say they are the party of the working man. Remind them of their game-losing fumble in East Palestine, OH.


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