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Coastal Common Sense

The whole purpose for the Founding Fathers writing the Declaration of Independence in 1776 was to escape dependency on the British crown that was being used to ruthlessly control the upstart American colony. A tyrannical despot on the throne was doing everything in his power to circumvent the British Parliament and suppress the self-evident freedom and liberties that were the cornerstone of the American independence.

We see the same tyranny today in the OBiden administration with Biden as the puppet president for the despotic Obama third term. They override the separation of powers, just like King James, by ruling through executive orders and not governing by legislative statute through the U.S. Congress. They then hope that two years later the Supreme Court will not terminate their executive overreach by declaring their orders unconstitutional.

This OBiden third term wants to have their central planning deep state bureaucracy control every facet of our lives. All of their executive orders generated through the alphabet soup of unelected federal agencies are intended to extend the reach of federal control as far into our daily lives as possible. We don't have British soldiers quartered in our homes, but we certainly have federal bureaucrats quartered there.

Look at how their regulations control our homes and lives with restrictions on gas stoves, dishwashers, air conditioners, light bulbs, shower heads, auto exhaust pipes, baby food, college tuition, airplane travel, mask mandates, residential lockdowns, essential business designations, fossil fuel use, border lawlessness, ESG retirement accounts, Social Security payments, parents at school board meetings, public education, our currency, voting rights, election integrity; and 87,000 new IRS agents hired to make sure we comply.

Every day there are new dictatorial decrees being handed down from the Left's EPA, FTC, FAA, FCC, DOJ, FBI, IRS, etc. and their Departments of Energy, Transportation, Education, Defense, Agriculture and Treasury intended to implement their progressive political agenda without having been ratified by duly elected representatives in the U.S. Congress. They make King James look like a cream puff.

This bureaucratic assault is extending the Left's war on the Rule of Law and is supported by a corrupt complicit liberal media that ignores the Durham Report and any other effort at transparency and accountability while serving as the propaganda ministry in the basement of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The OBiden administration wants a perpetual one-party government to control our lives and make us dependent on their elite Keynesian central planners. They are what Thomas Jefferson and James Madison considered the gravest threats to our democracy. Not imaginary white supremists, but real active Marxists who need chaos and discontent to sew fear and loathing among we the people.

We must not let the Left prevail if we are to save America. We must vote out school board members who embrace the Equity agenda, District Attorneys that put dangerous criminals back on the street, state legislators who don't support voter integrity, and the tyrannical President who violates the U.S. Constitution with impunity.

We cannot live in fearful dependence on the government. We must live free and independent lives if America is to survive.


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