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Coastal Common Sense

Because we live in a free country, we have a choice. We can choose which America, which North Carolina and which Pender County we want to live in and how we want to live there.

We can choose a traditional American live-and-let-live attitude: a belief in equal opportunity, individual initiative and a strong sense of patriotism. Or we can choose the destructive progressive ideologies currently poisoning our cultural institutions with revisionist history, divisive identity politics and the woke culture social justice agenda of CRT (Critical Race Theory), ESG (Environment, Social and Government) and DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equity).

Today’s woke progressives across the country and here in Pender County believe that government laissez-faire, free enterprise and love of family, faith and freedom are outdated ideals that oppress certain groups. They preach grievance and resentment among racial, sexual and socioeconomic groups in an effort to replace meritocracy with guaranteed equal outcomes for those who line up, and penalties for others who don’t comply.

The Left wants to cancel any dissenting opinions and promote government regulation of every routine incident in our daily lives. These elites believe they are smarter than we the people, that they can make better decisions for us rubes and that we should shut up and obey. By restricting our freedoms and pitting us against each other they hope to continue to manipulate and control the masses, thereby retaining political power.

On the contrary, traditional Americans believe we can combine localities, ethnic heritages, family traditions, religious beliefs and financial backgrounds without destroying the diverse, prosperous, urban-mobile cultures that make up today’s American landscape. The melting pot can continue to absorb the legal huddled masses without labeling certain tribes as either oppressors or the oppressed.

We are united by an ethic of equal opportunity that allows every individual to excel and prosper, regardless of skin color or birth status and based solely on the content of your character and your willingness to work hard and honest in pursuit of personal happiness. We still are truly the land of opportunity which is why hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants continue to migrate to our shores every year.

What we need now more than anything after the recent elections is moral courage. America is being bombarded by foreigners illegally invading our southern border. Our country has been disgraced by the shortsighted decisions of our political and military leaders in Afghanistan. The FBI and Department of Justice have deteriorated to the point where parents at school board meetings are afraid that they will be investigated as domestic terrorists for standing up for their right to determine if their children have to wear masks or be subjected to an equity curriculum. We are being told by local town councils that we are not free to use our private property as we see fit. No wonder we are discouraged.

But we don’t need to accept complete powerlessness if we have the fortitude to stand up for what we believe is right and have the courage of our convictions; despite the inevitable negative consequences directed at us by the hateful woke mob. We need to take control of our attitude and our actions and decide where we can make a positive difference in our families, our community and our country. We come from an unbroken line of sturdy stock, and we can act in accordance with our historic stoic virtues of courage, temperance, justice and wisdom.

Now is the time to apply what we know having just exercised our cherished right to vote. That constitutional right sets us apart from banana republics and their dictators and has propelled us into the leadership role of human rights among the nations of the world.

Locally, it is more important than ever to support our traditional American elected officials on our school boards, on our town councils and in our state legislature. Go to their meetings, send emails to them and don’t let them push you around. Remember, they work for us!


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