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What Do You See?

I don’t thank you ever outgrow looking up at the clouds and trying to see a picture in them.

What do you see? A heart in the middle of an arrowhead, a king drinking tea, a baby sucking their thumb, maybe a small bird shooting between the two or you might even see the sea turtle. What do you see? Such an endless imagination can be found in the sky. Depending on where the sun is even changes the effect and image. Be quick because the image will change right before your eyes. A racoon blowing smoke with his cowboy hat flying off his head. A dragon riding a scooter. Oh look there’s a pterodactyl, and a flying shark.

What do you see?

When was the last time you went out and just spent some time looking up at the clouds? What joy what fun. Take your kids, take your dog, your spouse, your best friend. Lay down on the beach or in your yard and just stop and look up, picture an endless sky of imagination. What do you see? What do your friends or family see?

It is time to get back to the simpler things in life. Walk away from the TV, the games, your phone and iPad or tablet. Take your family, friends, your pet or just sneak away by yourself and look up at the sky. Make it a game and enjoy the peace the sky has to offer.

There’s just something about a cloud, how it floats across the sky and constantly changes shape and size and color, drawing your eyes upward to watch, even for the briefest moment during a busy day.

I bet, if you just stepped outside for a few minutes, took a deep breath, and glanced up at the sky into the clouds you would see a story unfold. A world of a deep imagination. Try it out and see what awaits a mind ready to take on the clear blue sky

Ride on the wings of eagles, watch the horse race and the dog run up a tree. Just listen to what your children come up with, their imaginations are priceless. A flying pig, a ship with wings, dolphins, sea horses and the old man. Faces, there are so many faces if you look hard enough you will see them.

We have an endless movie to watch, and you can come in at any time, it is free to all.

I have one picture in my mind of a perfect heart I saw in a cloud several years ago, and it came at the time I needed to see it most. It only takes a few minutes to see the beautiful sky. And what’s best of all is to see the clouds above our beautiful ocean, now that is a scene to behold.

Take it all in my friends and get out and enjoy the amazing sight right outside your door. Find out you are never too old to use your imagination.

Go out, look up.

What do you See?


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