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Volume II, Issue 9

Volume II, Issue 9 is now released!

Click on "Click to View" to enlarge the e-newspaper copy or Click Here.

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Please be aware that there may be some images or other items used in our newspaper program that may not appear correctly with the PDF version compared to our viewer above.

Volume 2, Issue 9 features articles written by Dorothy Royal, Carol Ann Ross, Dr. Amanda Knauff, Dotty Harding of OCPAW, Karen Sota of the Sea Turtle Hospital, Becky Borneman of Coral Cottage and Marian Taylor of The Marian Way, in regards to upcoming local events, local history, fashion tips, and other interesting facts about our area!

Check out page 14 for some yummy Easter recipes!


Volume II, Issue 9 of the Topsail Times Newspaper will be available on Friday, April 22nd in print!

If you have a local business and would like to advertise with us, or to have our papers delivered to you and/or your store, send us an email at!

A huge thank you to all who advertised with us, as this paper wouldn't have been possible without your support! Please check out our advertisers page to see those who made this paper possible.

Our next deadline for all articles and ads is Monday, April 25th.

Our next publication will be released on Friday, May 6th.


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