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There’s Nothing Like Being Together For The Holidays

While the rest of the country had the feel good Folgers Holiday Commercials, Florida had the Publix commercials. Publix debuted a Thanksgiving commercial that left everyone feeling the holiday spirit. Cute Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers come to life amid the Thanksgiving table and what plays out is adorable. This commercial ran every year and as soon as you saw it you knew the holidays were near.

It’s funny what sticks with you growing up. Believe it or not Publix played a big part in my childhood. Publix wasn’t just a grocery store. When I was little, Publix had groceries of course, but it also had a bank inside. You could go there to cash your paycheck. It had a huge bakery where all the baked goods were behind glass and eye level to kids. We would walk next to the buggy while our parents shopped and look at all the colorful cupcakes, cakes, doughnuts and eclairs you could imagine. And in the back was a vast meat department too. The clerks would have the windows slid back so they could help customers pick the meat they desired.

Even the employees seemed to stay the same. If Ms Renee was working we would beg my mom to get in her line no matter how long it was. And she would always ask us about school and other things we were doing. She had the curliest, prettiest hair. And there was Ms Carolyn who had the best smile and the most infectious laugh. And no matter how long the line was to either of these ladies checkout lane, my mom would wait because we loved them. I remember being a little daring in the parking lot on one visit, and on the way in I was running and fell down and skinned my knee. It was bleeding but shopping had to be done. Mr Mike in the meat department saw me, came out and bandaged up my knee for me while I sat in the buggy.

Every holiday required several visits to Publix. At Easter, they would bring in the Easter Bunny and we could get our picture taken with him, same with Santa Claus at Christmas. And we did just that.

When Publix opened in Surf City, I was so excited. It was like a little piece of home was coming to NC. I was shopping yesterday and remembered the little Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers from the commercial. Publix actually carried them and would sell out of them so fast, everyone wanted a set. I still have mine and they come out every year, even if just for décor.

Do yourself a favor, google Publix Pilgrim Commercial and watch it. It makes you feel good and brings you back to the way Thanksgiving should be…together. And if you have any of those cute Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, bring them out and enjoy them!


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