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Pender County Commissioners Vote On New Dog Ordinances

On Tuesday, January 17th, the Pender County Commissioners voted unanimously to pass updated ordinances that would prevent dog abuse and neglect.

The new laws are as follows:

Proper Shelter

1. Sufficient shade shall be required to protect animals from direct sunlight that could lead to heat exhaustion.

2. Adequate shelter means that if an animal is tied or confined and left alone outdoors, there must be shelter that has 3 sides, a roof, and a floor. The shelter must be dry and offer sufficient room for the animal to lie down. The shelter shall not be subject to flooding or excessive muddy conditions. This includes animal waste.

Things not allowed for shelter:

  • Vehicles

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Transport crates

  • Airline crates

  • Metal barrels are not to be used in direct sunlight during the summer.

Humane Animal Tethering

All tethered animals must have access to water, shelter, or shade. Tethers must swivel on both ends and should be attached to a flat, buckle-tight collar or harness. No chains, chokers, or pronged collars. No animals under 4 months of age shall be tethered. Only 1 animal can be attached to a single tether. The weight of the tether cannot exceed 10% of the dog's body weight.

Uncoated cables must be inspected regularly and replaced if the cable is frayed. Runners and running lines shall be no more than 7 feet above the ground. The tether must be a minimum of 10 feet in length and shall keep the animal no closer than 3 feet to another animal, and no closer than 10 feet to the property line. An animal must be able to function on the tether without risk of strangling or entanglement.

If there are any violations, owners will be given 3 days to comply, before being given a $50 citation. If owner fails to comply, it may result in compoundment of the animal after day 6. It is possible that the animal may become property of Pender County after a 72 hour hold at the shelter.


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