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Morning Routines Boost Happiness The Marian Way

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I admit that I am a night owl. I just love spending time reading or doing projects when the house is quiet and everyone is asleep. I call this my “Me” time! I have never been a person that can leap from bed in the morning and be ready to go. I tend to hit the snooze button several times before actually getting out of bed. I eventually make my way to the coffee machine and brew my first cup. Once I have poured my second cup of coffee, I can finally think about my morning routines to help me jump start my day. Did you know that morning routines not only reduces stress but it boost happiness. When you start your day with intentions you will have positive feelings and accomplish more.

Here are my Simple Morning Solutions that you may want to implement into your daily routine:

1. Savor your morning time. Take time to really enjoy your cup of coffee or tea. Breathe in the aroma and take time to think about your day. Drink warm lemon water to hydrate you.

2. Make a List and a Plan. Write a To-Do list to plan your day. If there is something that you know you have to do, write it down. Check your calendar so that appointments aren’t missed.

3. Read. Whether it’s the daily newspaper, daily devotions or a book, reading feeds your mind.

4. Get Moving. Walking, stretching, yoga or some other form of workout in the morning gets the blood flowing and loosens stiff joints. Working out at the start of your day fuels you for the entire day.

5. Eat a good breakfast. Choose healthy real food options like oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, or avocado toast to energize and fuel your body. Avoid sugary, high fat and high carb foods that won’t sustain your appetite until lunch time.

6. Tidy Up. Empty the dishwasher, clear and shine your sink. Clean off your hotspot and process mail. Empty the trash can. Just 15 minutes of decluttering and doing a tidy up can make a huge difference to your happiness as well as beautifying your space.

7. Make the Bed. Not only will making your bed beautify your space but it actually sets the tone for a good night’s sleep when you crawl into a freshly organized and made bed.

Keep It Simple The Marian Way!


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