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John Davis for Onslow County Commissioner

Q: What is the primary issue facing the county that led you to run for office? 

A: I believe we need to tackle taxes.   We need to reduce our net taxes.  After the assessment our taxes jumped significantly and are affecting everyone in this inflated economy but in particular, we have a lot of people on fixed income.  This in conjunction with the proposed rate increase for our insurance is just too much.  We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

Q: If elected, would you support an increase in local option sales tax, and if so, would you support a decrease in the property tax rate? 

A: I believe a sales tax for the county and local municipalities should be considered.    This will allow us to reduce the property tax rate and put more of the tax burden on tourists instead of our citizens who live here in Onslow County. I do concur that if a sales tax is introduced that the board needs to make a commitment in the ordinance – in writing to the citizen - to reduce property taxes accordingly. Furthermore, we need to promote economic growth and development.  By doing so we increase net revenues to the county and keep our taxes to the individual lower.

Q: What are your skills and experience that make you the right choice for Onslow County voters? 

A: I have been a business owner in Onslow County for 20 years and I believe the government should be run more like a business. Which means financial accountability to the voter. I have been Mayor of Swansboro for 6 years where we have kept the tax rate flat for 6 years and I have been able to work with our state and county leaders to bring in around $10,000,000 to our town.

Q: If elected, would you support the construction of a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex in Onslow County? 

A: I believe a multi-purpose purpose sports and entertainment complex would be valuable to our community. I believe it should be done in a way that serves our outlying communities and municipalities. Partnerships will be critical to this being a success in Onslow County.

Q: If elected, would you attend local town meetings that are within Onslow County to hear their concerns and to show the support of the Onslow County Board of Commissioners?  

A: Yes! I have also been an advocate for doing joint meetings between our municipal boards and our county board. We need a comprehensive infrastructure plan. This plan must include roads, schools, broadband access, and housing at a minimum. Creating a county comprehensive infrastructure plan needs to be done in partnership with our municipalities and our community citizens. 


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