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  • Beth Butler

Interview With Mark Robinson

I had the privilege to represent Pender County at the Trump rally last Friday. While awaiting my escort, security pulled up along with a large SUV and low and behold out of the vehicle came Mark Robinson. I took this as the perfect opportunity to ask the question I’ve heard hundreds of times from concerned citizens in our county, “Did Mark Robinson really endorse a particular candidate running for our biggest commissioner seat?”

Well folks, here is the conversation I had face to face with Mr. Robinson:

Me: “Afternoon Mr. Robinson, how are you doing?”
M.R.: “Good, how are you doing, remind me how I know you?”
Me: “I helped host an event for you in Pender County back during Covid”.
M.R. “Oh yeah, how have you been doing?”
Me: “I want to let you know many people are very upset with you in my Pender Co., you hurt our county and a local patriot with your endorsement of a particular candidate. You endorsed a lifetime Democrat that changed parties to Republican to run for that election, that wasn’t even living in our county.”
M.R. “Yeah, I got a lot of calls concerning that race”
Me: “Yeah, people were very concerned and hundreds of people called and reached out to your office, with no returned call.
M.R. “My office did get back to a lot of people.”
Me: “No, they didn’t, I personally know hundreds of people that reached out to your office with no return call.”
M.R. “Well I only have 6 people working in my office.”
Me: “Well you know what, our county loved you and I know there are lots of people that would have joined your campaign in your run for governor in 2024, but not anymore. Tell me why a man of your status got involved in a small, commissioners race in our county? Are you looking out for yourself when you run in 2024?”
M.R. “I sat down with the candidate and he assured me he would get into those minority communities in your county, those are the areas we need to get in the most.”
Me: “You must not be familiar with that district of our county, that district has a very small minority community and if the candidate wanted to make a difference in the minority community he should’ve been in Burgaw, but that community remembers that candidate when he was a Democratic commissioner there years ago and his poor record. You endorsed a candidate that stands for everything you say you're against; inclusion, equity, diversity. Our county is a strong, conservative county with lots of military, and you should not have got involved in our county’s race, but again, I know you’ll probably run for governor and you’re looking out for yourself.”
M.R. “I’m sorry you all feel that way and hopefully that’ll change in the future.”
Me: “Probably not, but I appreciate you having a conversation with me, good day.”

In the words of ole Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

Folks, we have to start calling these politicians out! They don’t deserve to be put on a pedestal, they’re no better than me or you, WE ARE THE VOTER!” This man of tremendous power came in to our community and influenced our local election for his own benefit with a difference of 375 votes. He was aware by the hundreds of calls and emails residents were concerned about this candidate, and he turned his back on us! His office only said, ”The lieutenant governor would not endorse local candidates until after the primary.”

The biggest question of all is, how many other communities did Mr. Robinson “place people he wanted” in positions throughout our state?

The biggest question is, how many Democrats switched parties to vote in the primary election? Well, we know one for sure, the candidate that is in that current position.

Here are the results of this past primary in May 2022. Study the map and the precincts. You can clearly see the line of east and west of the county; tan is the western part of the county, orange is the eastern part of the county.

View the precincts by hovering over each section and you can see what the area by the precinct is listed above. You can clearly see that the western side of the county decided the election, especially Burgaw.


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