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Honoring Distinguished Alumni And Educators With A Wall Of Fame On June 13

BURGAW – Pender Education Partnership (PEP), a non-profit foundation established to enhance educational opportunities and assist public school educators, will join with the Pender County Board of Education to induct six new members of the Pender County Wall of Fame

William Henry Jordan, June McGlohan Robbins, and Mary Lee Faison are honored educators inductees. Outstanding alumni for induction to the Wall of Fame are Jeffrey Rivenbark, John Bradley Knight, and the late Mary Louise Batts.

“Pender Education Partnership and Pender County Board of Education is pleased to announce the second class of Wall of Fame inductees,” said Tammie Parris, president of Pender Education Partnership (PEP).

“Pender County Schools has been blessed with outstanding educators throughout the years. Our school system has produced many outstanding alumni who have gone on to careers that impacted our community, our state, and our nation,” said Parris. “We are happy to announce the induction of Jeff Rivenbark, Brad Knight, Mary Louise Batts, William Jordan, June Robbins, and Mary Lee Faison.”

“Our honored educators are special to us because they are also alumni,” noted Parris.

The Wall of Fame will be displayed at the Pender County Schools Board of Education building. Each year PEP will solicit the community for nominations. A selection committee will review the nominations and present at least one alumni recommendation and one educator recommendation to PEP.

“Pender Education Partnership believes this is an opportunity to shine the spotlight on outstanding alumni and educators who have made an impact on public education,” said Parris. “Our Wall of Fame is an example to our current students that dreams can be obtained.”

Pender Education Partnership is a 501 (c) 3 foundation that provides educator mini-grants and senior scholarships. For more information visit their webpage, or Facebook page or contact a board member.

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