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He, She Or It

He, she or it and they – the non-binary category needs to go!

Anderson Lee Aldrich, a 22-year-old man with a beard, mustache and scruffy face doesn’t want to be called a male or a man. He wants to be considered non-binary which is a relatively new term the government has forced the American people to deal with over the last few years. Non-binary means a person is opting out of a gender, for whatever reason. How crazy has our society come?

In the case of Mr. Aldrich, the non-binary issue may be one to keep him from getting more charges, like a “hate-crime” added to the five murders he committed while shooting up a night club in Denver, Colorado. The nightclub was a meeting place for the LGBTQ community and on the night of his attack, people had come together to celebrate a member’s birthday.

For some reason Mr. Aldrich must have felt that if he tried to include himself in the group he just murdered (by calling himself non-binary) that perhaps the punishment for his actions might be lessened.

No deal.

Was Mr. Aldrich previously known to law enforcement? Why yes, he was. In fact, a little over a year before this monstrous event, Mr. Aldrich had been arrested for making threats, including bomb threats that led to the evacuation of almost a dozen homes. He threated his own family with weapons and a home-made bomb. He was taken to jail for kidnapping and menacing (suggesting the presence of danger). Unfortunately, that is where the record stops. There is no record of a conviction.

Why wasn’t Mr. Aldrich charged and convicted? Why wasn’t he in prison? Why was he free and on the streets? There seems to be a lot of failures here, including the legal system.

The fact that the mainstream media refers to him as “they” is very confusing. They is plural. He or she would be singular. A person who opts not to be he or she should then become an “it” for media purposes.

Did you know that Non-binary is now an option on Federal Firearm Forms to purchase a firearm? I can honestly say in all my years of selling firearms not once did anyone complain about having to list a gender. Weight, yes weight is an issue and can vary greatly, and people have complained about that, but never gender. So why the federal change?

Mother Nature must be laughing out loud at how crazy human beings have become.


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