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Coastal Common Sense

When someone accuses you of what they are guilty of, they suffer from a psychological disorder known as Projection. By definition, they are projecting their actions or beliefs onto you, usually as a way to discredit you and give credit to themselves. We see this behavioral malady widespread on the Left these days as they attempt to attain the moral high ground in our country's divisive political war games.

The complicit liberal media plays along as enabler by allowing the Left to get away with this Projection unquestioned. Anyone on the Right, by contrast, is immediately called to the carpet if any attempt is made to voice what they label as a false or misleading claim against the Left's narrative.

The most glaring example of this Projection is when the Biden Left lectures us on how the extreme Right is destroying democracy. The first clue is their use of the adjective "extreme". Through it we are informed that the Left itself is extreme, yet they want to appear moderate by comparison, thus the projected label.

With the accusation that the Right is out to destroy democracy, the Left is disclosing their intention to do just that. Most of their policy decisions are geared to turn our federal republic, which they call democracy, upside down in the Clower and Pivon tradition. Whatever they can do to create more dependence on central planning gets them ever closer to total control of we the people, thereby destroying our precious democracy one policy at a time. They accuse us of the destruction that they actively commit.

Free speech is the perfect example. The Left called Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter as facist and repressive of free speech, when in reality government agencies on the left were repeatedly using Twitter's previous ownership to curtail anything they defined as misinformation by the Right.

The alphabet soup of government agencies, including FBI, DOJ, CIA, and NSA, were all daily sending Twitter their lists of desired Right leaning user cancellations. Any tweets that were contrary to the White House's liberal narrative were deemed disinformation and summarily cancelled. This is blatant government weaponizing of a private company in order to kill free speech and is contrary to our 1st Amendment rights. If unchecked, such free speech curtailment would have easily destroyed our democracy

The gun control debate is another obvious arena where the left uses projection to sway public opinion. So often they will give the lap dog liberal media talking points about how stricter gun laws will lower crime rates, reduce mass shootings and create safer cities. Yet as the Left advocates the reduction of guns in society, they are actively doing everything in their power to defund police departments in cities across the country. Outwardly, they demand lower crime rates through gun confiscation, but in reality they incorrectly blame vigilant policing as the cause of rising crime when just the opposite is true.

False declarations about the state of the economy are another example. The Left will blame the faltering economy on the Right's rejection of their Build Back Better economic plan, asserting that their failed economic behemoth would have saved the post-plandemic economy if not for Republican opposition.

Yet in reality, the red hot economy they inherited at Inauguration only needed to be left alone for continued record setting prosperity. They projected their failure onto the Right's proven success in order to make themselves look good in the public's eyes at the Right's expense.

So take what the Left says with a grain of salt, maybe even a teaspoon of salt. Analyze every claim they make about democracy, gun control, climate change, abortion, the economy, etc. to be certain you understand their true intentions. Ronald Reagan's phrase was, "Trust, but verify." This is how we should approach statements made by the Left. Listen to their words and then scrutinize their actions and you'll often discover the two don't line up. If they accuse you of something, it's likely to be their own clandestine objective.


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